Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miami / Detroit - Free Jay-Z concert for Obama

Jay-Z is lending his support to Obama by holding 2 free concerts in his honor, hoping it'll encourage young people to vote Democrat @ the upcoming November elections.

The free shows will take place in Detroit, Michigan on Sat October 4th and in Miami, Florida on Sun October 5th.

Obama's local campaign offices will be distributing the tickets.

Obama had recently praised the modern generation of hip-hop stars - insisting stars such as Jay-Z and Kanye West are real businessmen, not just musicians.

He told, "In the past, musicians often times were commodities. They were just shuffled around…they did well, but they didn't have the vision to say, 'I'm going to build a business. I'm going to build my own studio. I'm going to create my own production operations.' I think they're a lot more sophisticated than in the past, and that is a wonderful thing."

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