Wednesday, October 1, 2008

24 Movie is YEARS away....

Now you all know I'm a 24 fanatic and I've been waiting for the big screen version FOREVER!!!!

Kiefer Sutherland has stated that we'll probably be waiting several MORE years for that to happen. According to him the movie version won't get the green light until the TV show has been wrapped up.

"It is hard enough to write the show. So we all agreed that for the writers and their sanity, we wouldn't approach doing a film without them, so we would wait until the show is finished. And then we would do a film. I think it's a couple of years off."

Sutherland will next appear in a two-hour stand-alone prequel of 24 called Exile, which will air next month, November.. Lordy, it's October already?? The seventh series of 25 hits screen next January..

But there may be a glimpse of hope, Kiefer says that the project made the shows writers keen to explore the possibility of a film. "It was really exciting doing the prequel. I think (the writers) got a taste of how nice it would be to write a two hour piece that actually had an ending instead of having to write a 24 hour piece that doesn't have an ending. They might have seen the light. So you never know, maybe a film will be sooner."

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