Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coolio bringing out own cookbook.

Coolio is planning his own cookbook, he insists he's a skillful "chef" and he's been broadcasting his culinary abilities on YouTube.

"I'm a gourmet chef, I have my own YouTube channel for cooking. I do a lot of healthy fusion food - I do Black Italian - Blitalian, Black Asian - Blasian, Black English - Blenglish and I'm about to try Black Scottish - Blottish. I like traditional food and putting my own twist on it."

He's even stated that he could rival Gordan Ramsay in the kichen, I wouldn't mind be the taster on that challenge.

He adds, "I ate in one of his restaurants and I was not impressed. I would take all his dishes and make them better."

Fighting words, can't wait for the cookbook, check out his cooking channel HERE

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